Gmail Account

Creating an email account in gmail is simple. Only very intuitive following steps will have a gmail email and you can log in to be able to communicate with anyone you choose.

The first thing you have to do to open a gmail account is accessing your website. You can do it directly from the address bar by typing or from, where in the top of the page there is the option of entering all google applications, including gmail.

create gmail account

Once on this page click on the “create gmail account“, will appear a very simple form filling:

  • ┬áName and lastname
  • Username. This will be your gmail email address is unique, so you’ll have to find one that is available. Think that’s the name you will see around the world and you will note when you have to give your email to someone else.
  • Password. Do not use a common password to avoid security problems. Must be at least 8 characters and the same system tells you if the password is secure or not.
  • Repeat password.
  • Date of birth.
  • Sex.
  • Mobile phone and current mailing address. These two options are used as a security measure. It is likely that at some point the system will send a text message with a verification code to not use the account without your permission.
  • Accept the terms of service, and you have your gmail email.

gmail inboxThe next step, you can ignore and skip, is the possibility of adding a profile picture associated with your account, which is used in the use of other google applications like gtalk or social network, google plus.

From this point you can already enjoy your mail gmail login, the same page will take you to the inbox of your email. This account can be used on all google services.

When you first enter in your gmail account inbox, you’ll see that you’ve received from the google team some email. You can review them, and that they will explain how to customize your mail even offer a guided tour of all the options offered to meet them all in depth.
From now on whenever you want to access your account just enter the login details (email address and password) to log in gmail.

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